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Happy (more…)

A Challenge Lost

As you can see, I’ve removed the header from my blog. I couldn’t rightfully continue on the path of stating ‘a post a day for a year’ when I’ve failed to keep it going. Okay, it wasn’t because I couldn’t be bothered to post, my laptop had other ideas on the matter.

So, let’s just say, I’ll post, and if that happens to be on a daily basis, then I’m happy that the laptop gods have decided to show me some good fortune for a change.

Thank you all for your time and patience, I honestly appreciate it.

Hey. I’m Back!!


‘So you think these will work?’


Sunday 7 Somethings — Cancelled

Cancelled until next week.

Cancelled until next week.


Apologies Dear Readers

Photo Courtesy of jalopnik (click photo for link). (more…)