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A worldwide call to arms, of a peaceful nature of course. My commitment, one post on the 3rd of the month for a year. Join the cause at everydaygurus.com and make the blogosphere of 2013 a worthy one.

everyday gurus


“Peace is not something you wish for, it something you make, something you do, something you are, something you give away.”–Robert Fulghum

In an effort to actively do something to create more peace in the world in 2013, I am dedicating a number of my posts specifically to peace. I invite you to join me. We can call ourselves “Bloggers for Peace.” Everyone is invited to join. The requirements are simple and flexible.

  • Devote at least one post a month to/for/about peace. If you write poems or fiction, write a piece about peace. If you take photos, post a photo or gallery that reflects, symbolizes, defines, or creates peace. If you write rants, rant at something that disturbs the peace or rant about something that promotes peace. If you are into zen, post a blank white page. If you are an artist…you get the idea. Feel free to…

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Week three – What Now…




Off The Beaten Track

Is it really Saturday already? My, how this week has flown.


Daily Prompt: That Stings!

A portrait of the Bohemian writer Franz Kafka ...

A portrait of the Bohemian writer Franz Kafka.


I Need Help!! Please…

What I wouldn't give for a strong drink right now!

What I wouldn’t give for a strong drink right now!


Daily Prompt: Immortalized in Stone

Event photography of a stone carving workshop at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

No copyright infringement intended. Photo owned by Chris Kenworthy (click photo for link). (more…)

Apologies Dear Readers

Photo Courtesy of jalopnik (click photo for link). (more…)

Christmas Photo Editing with PhotoBucket



Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise


Millie my cat and her definition of ‘Surprise’.

Off The Beaten Track

Saturday: 9